martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Crazy Dizzy - Club Hebraica

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Quiksilver te envita al relanzamiento de la marca en una fiesta todo incluido. (cerveza, ron, vodka, whisky tequila)

Pre Venta s/50 - Entradas Limitadas (por la compra de tu entrada 20% en todos los productos quiksilver)

Invitado Especial: Crazy Dizzy

Dj Luigi

Puntos de venta:

- Tiendas Quiksilver (Jockey Plaza & Camino Real 1278)

Info y Ventas:

412*7992 ( Villa Maria- Villa Carita-San Silvestre-Santa Ursula-Cambridge- Markham-Newton-Altair-Carmelitas-Regina- Santa Ursula)

819*9145 ( UPC- U de Lima- UP- )

148*8890 ( Recoleta )

122*4967 ( toulouse lautrec )

424*4352 ( Isil -San Iisdro )

Fecha: Sábado, 08 de mayo de 2010 a las 22:00
Lugar: Club Hebraica
Calle: Av. La Molina 318 La Molina - Al lado de Atento

Crazy Dizzy - Club Hebraica

1 comentarios:


    HEY YOU....YEAH YOU....Sometimes i think "theres a woman is" kind of hot....sometimes i think this woman is sometimes not....push me down fools me around, girl what your doing to me ?...out for satisfaction any piece of action that is the way it should be.....she needs love...smells of a man...shes got to see...pours my beer, licks my ear brings out the devil in me ....HELL AINT A BAD PLACE TO BE....Spends my money drinks my booze stays out every night....but one other thing, hey just a minute...something aint right...disilusions and confusions make me wanna cry ....its always the same playing your games telling me your lies....I dont mind you playing a demon baby as long if its with me ...then you could say if this is hell.....its heavenly.......HELL AINT A BAD PLACE TO BE....
    Everynight turn down the lights comes out close to me....opens my heart tears it apart brings out the devil in me.....HELL ....AINT A BAD PLACE TO BE.....

    CR DZ